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Corporate apparel including men, women and even kids’ apparel customized with a company name and logo has become a powerful marketing tool.  Do you run a Daycare or a business that caters to kids?  Offer your clients and kids tees with your logo on it for some outstanding marketing to the world.

Custom apparel is also an excellent way to have your staff dress professionally and to create a sense of team unity. No matter what type of business you own, or whether it is a small business or large enterprise, custom t-shirts, polo shirts, or other clothing is a solid approach for showcasing your company in a positive light.


There are number of companies that offer their employees hats and t-shirts that include the company logo and name. Often, employees are required to wear such custom apparel whenever they work. This provides an easy way for customers to recognize who they can go to for assistance. Other companies, such as those that run their business in an office setting, give their employees custom t-shirts or polos to wear one day a week with other casual clothing. This creates a fun atmosphere as well as a positive team spirit.

At corporate events, custom apparel is often given away to attendees as an effective marketing tool. The more people who are seen wearing your company apparel, the more you are able to get your business name out into the public eye. Corporate custom clothing has become a popular marketing tool used by large corporations such as Microsoft as well as small family businesses who wish to attract a growing number of customers in their local area.

Having a company Special Event to raise awareness?  For Example:  Is your company having an event that will raise monies for Breast Cancer Research – say it with style.

Help ABC Inc. supports Cancer Research. 

Cancer Angel Ribbon 002

For a more sophisticated look, some companies opt for custom polo shirts. Connie’s Creation & Embroidery can stitch any corporate logo and text onto a polo shirt.  Custom polo shirts also make great work apparel for management and others who want to represent the company while at work while maintaining a level of professionalism.

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